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Banana Useful for Reducing Weight and Diabetes Patients

Written by eadric

Banana is a fruit that is not only full of energy, but also hidden in the treatment of many diseases.But in some diseases they treat avoid the banana is the opposite of the truth.

For Hypertension Patients

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If you are prone to disease Blood pressure Use bananas that you should because it involves large quantities naturally in the electrolyte.

For Lose Weight



Medical experts say that vitamin B6 in bananas, helps in reducing the weight of materials and other components. So there should be people who want to lose weight that they use bananas.

For Eliminate Fat

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About drives incremental This person may also suffer from obesity than food that is famous.But in fact bananas are low in protein and is helpful in lowering cholesterol

For Diabetics


It is said that the banana is harmful for diabetics, but there is nothing in reality but useful for diabetic patients being included in the index banana and medical experts have also confirmed.