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GPS is Making use of an Impaired Human Brain, Research

Written by eadric

Global Positioning System The growing use of GPS is gradually making weak and unable to guide the parts of the human brain.

University College London researchers Javed Amir Humayun and his colleagues are published online in a study of 24 volunteers, the results of research journal ‘Nature Communications’. Passing the volunteers in the study of complex routes in different areas said to reach its destination when the trip started and their minds in the direction and review the activity of the parts belonging to guide you through the specialized equipment at the end taken.

During the study, half the volunteers were given the GP to provide guidance to S devices (smart phone and GPS tracker), while the remaining half of the volunteers did not provide such a device but was told they try reach the destination. The idea was not tied to that they arrive at the appointed place of the option. For this purpose, they were strangers to those who were left in areas of the city and was told to reach their destination.

Discovery of experts from this exercise was that volunteers GPS tracker etc. The facilities were used, the memorandum and guidance in their minds at the end of the study of the ‘hpukymps I was living activities or too low or was all over. Unlike those who volunteer their activity in their hpukymps were trying to reach an unknown destination, walking routes from the eyes and minds. Activity in the hpukymps them they were asked to walk a few volunteers who deliberately hardest and most complicated routes was the most prominent.

The study experts concluded that in the light of the automated facilities to guide the help of satellites reduces the efficiency of the brain related parts and if the series becomes our normal then the brain slowly weakens and the not worth the lives that can help guide without any additional help in emergency situations.