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The Spider’s Venom is Effective in Preventing Stroke Completely Paralyzed Brain Research

Written by eadric

They destroyed the brain cells to low oxygen in the blood and brain stroke rapidly and may pose the risk of patient death and disability throughout the ages.However the spider venom may help prevent this condition.

Scientists at Australia’s University of Queensland have pulled Funnel Web Spider venom peptides Hi1a that can prevent further affect the brain in stroke. This investigation was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. There are only 8 million people have posed the same stroke each year in the United States, of which 6 million for the first time his victim, half the number of people over 65 years of them becomes disabled and handicapped. Which is the feeling of extreme physical weakness has also affected the brain cells. Currently still no medication can not remedy this.

One of the channel prevents HIV peptides from the acid in the brain. This channel brings to mind the most damage after stroke. If the experts are given a small amount of HIV One of stroke mice are protected from the cells of the brain that control brain functions and dynamic.
Similarly, it does not even seem to die because of lack of oxygen to the brain peptides from brain cells faster.