Burn Fat Weight Loss

Weight-Loss: Simple Ways to Burn Fat

Written by Amanda

Let’s be serious nobody likes cutting fat you have to eat less to cardio. It’s just annoying but no more today. I’ll be teaching you eight waste that I came up with that.  I do personally to burn fat that are actually fun.

  1. Number one play a sport. I recommend choosing a sport with a lot of running like rugby lacrosse soccer stuff like that if you’re practicing every day or almost every day you’ll be so active that it’ll be pretty hard not to lose fat plus playing a sport is one of the easiest ways to make friends.
  1. Number two play racquetball after you lift occasionally. I like to work out with a friend and then we’ll play racquetball after most large gyms usually have a couple of courts and you can rent racquets from them or buy a cheap one like for 20 bucks on Amazon if you lift for an hour and then play 20 or 30 minutes of racquetball it’s a really good way to shred fat because all of the constants starting and stopping and moving around.
  1. Number three walk places if you live within a couple of miles of your school walk instead of driving walk to your friend’s house when you go over a walk to the store if you need to go anywhere I really enjoy walking because it’s nice being outside feeling the breeze relaxing having some time alone to think and look at stuff it’s a nice relaxing way to burn some extra calories
  1. Number four you’ll burn a lot of calories now if you live too far from New York and you want to go somewhere else you can always choose a different city something that isn’t too spread out so you can walk to everything pick out a bunch of stuff ahead of time that you want to see and then just spend the day doing it.
  1. Number five you burn calories when you’re cold your body. Uses more energy calories or energy so when you take a cold shower you burn calories now I’m not saying all you have to do is take cold showers for five minutes a day and you’ll come out looking like Brad Pitt and Fight Club you’re still going to have to do other stuff this is just a really easy way to burn off an extra 100 or 200 calories
  1. Number 6 do interval training on various cardio machines competing with a friend to see you can reach the checkpoint faster here’s what you do you go to the gym with a friend pick a cardio machine let’s say the bike choose a resistance so you both doing the same thing then choose a distance let’s say half a mile then start at the same time and whoever hits the distance first wins and gets one point take a break for about three to four minutes then do the same thing on the other set of machines say the elliptical or rowing or whatever you want you should go through about 4 or 5 machines and then by the end of it you’ll be spent. Exhausting yourself on the first thing you still have to pace yourself.
  1. Number 7 mountain biking go mountain biking with one or more friends on the weekend or draw by yourself or invite a girl out and instead of a typical date take her biking instead if you have some trails close by your house or you can google and find some trails to drive to it’s a really fun way to burn a lot of calories if you do it as a date it obviously won’t be as intense as if you go with a friend or by yourself but it’ll be fun and a unique way to connect with her.
  2. Number 8 skip alcohol, nobody really likes drinking beer the only reason people get drunk at parties and clubs is to ease nerves and loosen up in my opinion. It’s better not to or to stop after like 1 or 2 there are about a hundred fifty calories and a can of beer so if you go to a party on the weekend and you have four that’s six hundred calories which depending on your activity level is multiple days of cardio completely wasted if your drinking is a way to loosen up.