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Yogurt Help Alleviate Depression

Written by eadric

The study showed that yogurt is not only essential for digestion, but also it is helpful in the Depression era.

Bacteria in fresh yogurt has learned that after a recent study, Lactobacillus, are not only essential for digestion, when the increase in the number of bacteria in their intestines when inserted into the stomach of rats suffering from depression and it was the depression era. University of Virginia School of Medicine tenuous based on research conducted on mice, scientists believe that the experiment could be useful to humans.

The researchers say that the study of depression and side effects of medicines are the most expensive, but now the time has come to find out that  I tried to remove the disease. He said that we can magically change dietary habits benefits, can improve the health and balance of types of bacteria in the body. According to the research and has proven in many studies that Probiotics in yogurt increase the beneficial bacteria that can relieve stress, confusion and depression.

Experts quantity of treatment Lactobacillus and later found in mice and notes of depression drastic. As less certain bacteria in mice they began to depression such signs appear, they have increased the number of bacteria, they were back to normal. So perhaps it may be that it is more or less a factor Cain  bacterial blood and precipitated sadness and disappointment in the mind of this chemical. The bacteria grow Cain the low and cause depression.

The idea that other experts on this research is very complex and probably can not be useful on mice models of humans and need to be tested on a large scale humans that matter.